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Jue Jue

Shoreditch Black Belt Colourist and Stylist

Having been working his magic in hair for over a decade and at Butchers since the beginning, Jue Jue loves the subtleties of both colour and cut – a hidden flash panel of colour popping through, or super sexy sunkissed highlights, to create an even fancier version of oneself. His forte is creating texture without changing the actual structure of the hair.

At Butchers, his focus has definitely shifted towards dramatic colour changes and corrections which he feels are just as fun and even more rewarding once clients see the final result.

In his spare time, Jue Jue has a great interest in art and culture, drawing inspiration from various art forms – especially Japanese culture and Tokyo street styles and fashion. His love for different cultures is a big part of his life, even leading him to learn other languages.

What Susannah and Katie Say…
Jue Jue’s gentle, calming manor is infectious. He really listens to what you want and makes you feel totally relaxed. As one of the longest standing member of the team he is trusted by many. Great for natural lived in, versatile looks and a good old dirty joke.

Jue Jue - Butchers

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