Meet Your Hair Experts

What Butchers Believe

We’re a collective of conscious living, like minded people – all from different backgrounds of the hair industry, but equally fashion forward and technically skilled.

We prioritise experience above all, so we ensure that your styling service begins with a sensory journey massage or our balancing chakra ritual during your colour. You’ll feel relaxed and refreshed from the moment you sit in the chair until you step out of the door.

We’re hugely passionate about our clients hair and the planet, which is why we choose to work with Aveda. High quality and sumptuous, their products are made of up to 96% natural ingredients and are free from harsh chemicals which are bad for you, your hair and the environment. The whole team have a great knowledge of the product range and can help decide which ones will be best for you.

Aveda colour is vibrant and fade resistant, designed to improve your hair. Aveda full-spectrum hair colour is customised just for you, to deliver amazing personalised results.

Butchers Founders