Our Shoreditch hair salon is Butchers first home. Nestled on the corner of Colombia Road & Hackney Road, our salon space is a sustainable hairdresser with a strong community spirit in the heart of East London. Just a few steps away from Shoreditch High Street and its creative crowd, we hand-picked our local suppliers and created a playground of conscious living.

Our co-founders Katie and Susanah share a vision of creating technical but cool, glamorous and wearable shapes and colours. 

Step into our independent salon and find handcrafted mugs by local ceramicists and an abundance of natural elements and plants, as well as fabulous hair perfected with Aveda hair colour. 

Our Shoreditch salon provides the perfect pitstop after a visit to the bustling Colombia Road Flower market. Pop in for a pamper with one of our stylists or colourists – the experts in Aveda’s plant-powered formulas and rituals. We also do a dreamy head and shoulder massage to set you at ease with calming Aveda aromas. 

At Butchers, we believe that a haircut should not be charged based on your gender but based on the time our dedicated stylists spend on you. This means we’re not a men’s hairdressers or a ladies hair salon, we’re gender-neutral. We simply charge everyone the same for the perfect cut and style. 

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