How to style a bob

One of the most prolific trends within the hair industry for the past few years has definitely been the bob and what at first may seem limiting in the styling department, can actually be an incredibly versatile haircut with just a bit of creativity. If you’ve recently gone for the chop but are struggling to recreate the magic your hairdresser worked or if you’re just looking to switch up your routine by trying something new; below we have some tips on how to style bob hair using the humble hairdryer.

How to wrap-dry a bob.

A wrap-dry is where you blow-dry the hair by following the head shape, this creates volume and smooths the hair from the root to the ends. Wrap-drying is a great skill to have in your arsenal as it’s really easy to do yourself and a time-efficient way of styling your bob and short hair in general. To style the bob this way you’ll need a paddle brush and a hairdryer.

1. Prep the hair using Pure-Abundance Style Prep or Volumizing Tonic; to use the product, spray evenly on damp hair and at the root for maximum volume.

2. Using the paddle brush, blow-dry the hair from the root first, brush the hair in different directions as you follow the shape of the head – the hair should be dried going in the opposite way from where it falls.

3. Keep doing this over the whole head until most of the hair is dry, then part your hair wherever you usually do.

4. Once parted go over the mid-lengths and ends with the paddle brush by taking a section, run through with the brush underneath the hair and the hairdryer pointing down just above the brush, following it down the section of the hair. As you reach the ends, slightly turn your brush inwards to smooth over the ends and create a bit of a bevel; this also prevents the dreaded ‘groovy chick flick’ where the hair from underneath can be unruly and flick out.

5. To finish the hair use Brilliant Emollient Finishing Gloss, dispense a small amount in your hands and rub together. Apply throughout all of the hair to smooth flyway’s and create shine.

How to create a tousled bob

If you have a slight wave to your hair a great way to encourage the natural wave is to use Texture Tonic; it contains cane sugar and salt which gives the hair flexible hold, shine and a loose “undone” texture.

1. Spray on damp, towel-dried hair and scrunch it through – start with less and slowly build if you need more product.

2. Using a hairdryer, keep scrunching with your hand, moving around the head with a hairdryer; you can do this till the hair is dry or you can leave it slightly damp if you’d prefer to use less heat. This technique should create nice tousled, beachy waves.

3. Finish by liberally spraying Shampure Dry Shampoo on different sections to give volume to the hair and roots.

How to style a bob if you have fine hair.

If you have hair that’s fine and naturally straight a great way to thicken the hair and add volume is to create waves with a round brush. To dry your hair with a round brush you will need a 25mm brush to create a more defined wave rather than a loose curl. With some practice blow-drying your hair with a round brush to make waves can be an easy and time-efficient way to style your hair.

1. To begin, prep your hair with Phomollient, it uses air-infused technology to weightlessly add body and volume to hair. In addition to this, you can also use Thickening Tonic which uses wheat to individually expand strands of hair.

2. Rough dry the hair starting at the roots first until it’s about 60% dry.

3. Begin to section the hair; you can be more meticulous and section the hair into 4 quadrants, 2 sections on either side of the head starting from just behind the ear, then section the back into two and then section each of those quadrants starting from the bottom with sections about 1 1/2” big and working your way up to the crown of the head. Alternatively, if you prefer a more undone look you can section the hair either side horizontally in half so you have a top and bottom section and work your way from the back forwards on the bottom section and then unclipping and moving on to the top section.

4. Take a section of hair and place the brush underneath, point the nozzle of the hairdryer on top of the brush and blast the roots.

5. Once the root is dry, place the brush on top of the section of the hair, lightly twist to create tension and then slowly bring the brush through the hair. Just past the root, begin to twist the brush 360 so the hair begins to wrap around. Keep the hairdryer nozzle pointing down on to the brush. As you twist the hair begin to pull the brush down, always twisting. Once at you’re at the ends of the hair, let the hairdryer linger on the brush as you slowly pull the brush out to smooth the ends.

6. Do this for each section of the head, you can alternate directions you twist to create a more natural, beachy wave effect. Always blow-dry the hair away from the around the face to create a more natural shape to the hair.

7. Leave the hair to cool and set once all sections are complete for a couple of minutes.

8. Using a wide-tooth comb or your fingers, gently rake your hands through the hair to separate the sections and loosen the waves.

9. Finish the style with Air Control Hairspray, it’s incredibly light and holds the style in place without the typical crispy hairspray texture. If you want to add more volume and texture, finish with a dusting of Shampure Dry Shampoo.

How to diffuse dry a curly bob.

If you have naturally curly hair, definitely embrace the curl! To blow-dry curly hair you’ll need a diffuser attachment for your hairdryer.

1. Prep the hair by using Be Curly Style-Prep, this adds moisture and Be Curly Curl Enhancer, this product adds shine to the hair and enhances your natural curl pattern.

2. Twist small sections of hair in different directions until all of the hair has been twisted.

3. To get volume at the root, start to diffuse the hair by flipping your hair forward on a low heat and low-speed setting.

4. Once the roots are dry, flip your head back up and diffuse sections of the hair till dry, or to your desired dryness if you prefer your hair to dry naturally.

5. Once dry shake out the hair and separate and manipulate some sections of the hair to loosen the curls very slightly. You can finish the style by using Be Curly Hairspray, this helps seal the curl and enhances all-day frizz control.

This blog was written by our lovely assistant Rosie. Any open questions? Reach out to us! We’re happy to help. And if you are looking for more valuable advice from our hair stylists have a look at our blog.