Why We Chose Aveda

We often get asked about why we chose to partner with Aveda as a concept salon. As an eco-friendly and ethical hair salon, the decision came to us naturally. Being in the heart of East London, we’ve always felt pioneering in our outlook on lifestyle, believing that no one has to miss out on feeling great or enjoying high-end products.

Because Aveda is high quality, cruelty free and plant based, you can stay true to your values and use plant based sustainably sourced ingredients that actually work. We are proud to be an Aveda hair salon and enjoy creating one of a kind looks using only sustainable Aveda hair products and naturally derived colours. 

We strive to cause as little environmental damage as possible, so the team share a great knowledge of the Aveda products we use to cut and style each client.

Up to 96% naturally derived, Aveda colour is vibrant and fade resistant – designed to improve your hair. The Aveda full-spectrum colour range is customised just for you, guaranteed to deliver personalised, one of a kind results.

Aveda help us to ensure that everyone in our space feels pampered, cared for and inspired, with no impact to animals and the planet… Yes, together, this really can be done