Simon Schuetz


Mr @hurrrland Simon Schuetz originally hails from Munich – and just like the land of “Vorsprung durch Technik”, he likes to bring a masterful level of precision to his colours. Bold without the brass and pretty with a side of sass, his colourful creations are works of art in their own right. If you’re after clean detailed styling that will leave you looking neat as a pin, he’s your man.

Since he started hairdressing in 2005, our Simon has won over many clients with his passion and perfectionism – he’ll always go the extra mile to make sure his work/your hair is absolutely flawless.

But no ice queen is he! As bubbly as a sherbet prosecco and just as sharp when it comes to fashion, he has worked with the legendary Club Cocoon in Ibiza, hand picked to work with Aveda on LFW and is the go-to wig man for the drag scene in London. And if it’s good enough for those girls, then it’s damn near the best. Preach!