Kaela Tsenti


Kaela has been slaying it in the hair industry since she was barely out of school, joining Vidal Sassoon as a promising apprentice before rocketing through the ranks to become a senior creative stylist. Perfecting her skills over 10 years at one of their top London cribs, Kaela went from Daniel-son to Mr Miyagi at the Sassoon Academy where she taught young cutters and inspired them with her incredible work for the firm’s catwalk collections and photoshoots.

Like a modern Leonardo Da Vinci, our Kaela’s got her fingers in a hell of a lot of pies – from graphic design to video production – and has brought her considerable talents and clarity of vision to hairstyling for film and fashion. But it’s not all about the business – this girl knows how to throw a great party. You’ll find her decking out festivals and creative-type soirees with wigs, haircuts and cocktails as the main brain behind her side project, The Scissor Sipsters.

As you would expect from the latest member of the elite Butchers squad, Kaela’s a black belt senior stylist with great intuition about what suits you and your hair. Trust her to deliver on a flawlessly finished mane or a structured haircut so sharp it could just change your life.